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On Scriptures:

The Bhagavad Gita is more than a book of promise. It has a message that is immediately relevant for every struggling human being. It does not present God as infallible, but helps you see that the Infallible is God. In the wake of such
understanding, the struggling person relaxes in the awareness of the Infallible.

On Vedanta & Enquiry into God, Self and World:

While traveling to a particular destination, people may enjoy a few things along the way, but they do not lose sight of their destination. Self-knowledge need not be any different.

Quality of life comes only from a cognitive change. One should know one’s own position in the scheme of things in the world. One should know one’s relationship with the Creator. Without an understanding of oneself, the world and God, none can hope to have inner leisure.

The more you see Ì¿vara’s order, the less you are away from the Lord. To recognize this order is to surrender to this order. In surrender you let the order rule your life.

Vedanta does not promise a salvation to the soul. In its vision, the soul is already free from any limitation. Freedom from limitation (moksha) is a fact and the release of the individual from this sense of limitation is the outcome of understanding the equation, ‘tat tvam asi’ (that thou art).

Quotes by Swamiji