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Dr. Bharat Gupt, a retired Associate Professor in English, University of Delhi, has worked in classical studies, theatre, music, culture and media studies. He was a Senior Fellow of the Onassis Foundation in Greece and has worked on the revival of ancient Greek theatre by the Greeks in modern times. His first book, "Dramatic Concepts - Greek and Indian", offers a fresh approach in comparing ancient Greek and Indian dramatic theories.  He is also an eminent exponent of the Natyashastra,  portions of which he has translated into English. He is one of the founding members of the International Forum for India's Heritage, a network of scientists and thinkers who have come together to promote India’s cultural heritage. In his acclaimed book "India - A Culture Decline Or Revival?", he examines whether Independence has ushered an era of cultural and social freedom or a cultural decline.

Was Greece the Source of all Ancient Knowledge?


The ancient civilizations of India and Greece have particularly been known for the pursuit of knowledge. 
Common narratives on Western civilization position themselves as inheritors of the legacies of ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations and the Judeo-Christian heritage. The stalwarts of Greek thought include such personalities as Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle among others, whose philosophies strongly impacted Renaissance Europe. The Euro-centric Grand Narrative which positions Europe as the intellectual leader of the world, and by implication, considers other civilizations comparatively subpar, is one of the greatest dishonesties of our times. 

IHAR (Indian History Awareness & Research), under the auspices of Arsha Vidya Satsanga (AVS), presents a talk by Dr. Bharat Gupt. Drawing from his decades of engagement with institutions in Greece, will elaborate on exchanges of ideas between ancient India and Greece in areas such as Governance, Philosophy, Arts, and Science. Dr. Gupt will also address the vexed question of the true origins of ancient knowledge, by covering areas where he feels that the gap between reality and mainstream narratives is the largest.


Venue: Mayuri Restaurant,
             5857 Westheimer Rd, Houston

Date:   Thursday, June 6th 2013

                    6.30 PM Social & Dinner
                    7.30 PM Talk Followed by Q&A

Please arrive promptly to minimize disruption.  It is a FREE Event.

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